Hi, I'm Lynda and I'm a mum of two and have been running my own business now for 3 years. 

My passion about dogs and animals has led me to follow my dream to start my own business and spend more time doing what I love.  I have three dogs of my own, a 4 year old full of energy Labradoodle named Charlie and 2 Boston Terriers named Luna (2yrs)  and Willow (1yrs). Sadly our West Highland White Terrier named Max passed away just over a year ago at the ripe old age of 17. I have experience in dealing with dogs at various stages in their lives and with highly different demands, just like your Fuzzy friends.

I have always grown up around dogs, cats and many other animals.  We also own a royal python named Zeus, a corn snake named Loki, a leopard gecko named Skittles, a budgie named Buddy and have previously owned a bearded dragon.

I started my business in February 2017 and have gained lots of experience of various breeds of dogs, cats and other Fuzzy friends. I am dog first aid trained in case of an emergency.

I love nothing more than to spend time with a Fuzzy friend and go for a nice walk together. I will show your Fuzzy friend the same care and compassion as I do my own. 

Hi, I'm David and I'm Lynda's partner. The passion and dedication Lynda has to the animals she takes care of is infectious, and I love nothing more than to be a part of this. I help with the family business where possible and I'm dog first aid trained too. 

Before I met Lynda and we had Charlie as our family dog, I owned a long haired cat named Chewie. I love the energetic side of the business with the dog walking and the affection you get back. It's not like the office, you get almost instant reward from the efforts you put in. It's easy to see why Lynda wants to pursue the family business further.